Monday, June 7, 2010

My Sis --

She called me " Bhai ". This was the jackpot i had hit which i hope would last for a lifetime. Moreover never would want anyelse to refer me by that name. She is one and only one sis.
The person i am talking about is sole reason for me to start Blogging .I realised i havent said much about her. Preeti , met her a year back during my Induction training program.From there on , i have been always gfnBhai( i.e Gud for nothing Bhai ;) )....
I call her at any time of the day. shout at her n almost share ...almost share everything with her..I hurt her - now and then but she still forgives me .Laugh at her silly ways of forgetting things...But thats just her.I call her by many names - Sis,Kingfisher,Kutti(tats a tamil word for Small), n Finnaly being munchkin....
Kingfisher being the 1st .Would like to share the incident behind this naming ceremony .This name was given solely by me.Actually it all happened during this one activity in my Induction Training program where each person was supposed to be given a name of an animal / bird which they feel the he/she Resembles the most .Then the person had an option of choosing two names he would like to know reason for which he was referred by that very animal/bird .
When Preetis name sheet came to me , i immediately named her kingfisher - had no reasons whatsoever for that name . but at the end of it, she choose to know who had given her the name "Kingfisher" and reason behind it.I stood up tensed thinking what to say , managed to say few words incoherently and then kept quiet. She was looking straight at me, me lost as always thinking what to say.
After a brief pause from somewhere i came up with an answer - " She is a one gal just like a kingfisher , very rare to find....But when you find one , you cant keep your eyes of it...where i meant to say is " she is someone when found , u cant resist to stay away from her. She stood there standing . nt knowing what to reply back . just gave a faint smile , surprised for sure , sat down quietly. From then on its hw i always call her ..
its almost been 1 year since this happened but still recollecting this part of the incident makes somepart of me very happpy...........tats my sis .....Spreads happiness....

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Adventure ON

It was simply awesome ...Just four words for my recent trip to Rishikesh and Haridwar . Four of us , me Shukla Sir , Sumit and Navdeep managed to coincidentally and luckily managed to escape from site on Saturday evening. We left by 6:30 .

Rishikesh. was haven . We started early morning i.e by 9(Thats preety early for me guys)for Rafting.After fixing up with local guide we all set out to a higher level . We stopped half way to check out a camping site. Managed to trek down and then saw the 1st glimpse of heaven.Sumit going all wild and Shukla sir taking our snaps , we went on a rampage..Then got hold of Volleyball , diving and making each other run after the ball , we spent almost an hour there.

Then re continued to the rafting site"Ground Zero".We were directed by our rafting guide for the day "Ramesh".11 of us were put in same boat.We all geared up , set afloat .
going through the rapids ,uff water was way above our head at some points of time. Then there was this anthem we created with inspiration from one groupie which went like this " Jhing lika Jhing lika " for which all of us would shout back in unison " hu ha hu ha ."..We made an entry with this ,making other rafters heads getting turned towards us.

After going through some rapids , we were allowed to jump into the water.With some fear i dived into water , and water being so cold , literally each part of my body froze.But somehow managed to keep myself afloat (the life jacket was there) and with ace swimmer Jatian by my side we were wading through the water and went far head of our rafter. For few minutes after that i was just being pulled by the stream .Finally got into some other rafting boat . We stalled at one point for a break.We dried ourselves up for some time but it tuired to be a futile attempt as were again drenched from tip to toe in next rapid.Then it was leisure ride for an hour , we singing our , varying the tempo at the same time . Sumit in the end trying to man the boat was adjudged the captain of the ship.We finally got off board.

Changed to dry clothes . Still not over the rafting ordeal we guys just went through we then left out for Haridwar.Luckily got to witness the special aarthi .With everybody singing the the holy song .
Then with Sumit as our guide we set out again . He with very poor sense of direction took us all way round exactly to the opposite end.
Then strated the long journey , back home......

These are few snaps from the tour

All padded up for RAFTING

Game of Beach Volleyball is ON

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My 1st post ....Formula1....

I hav been thinking what my first blog should be all about , finally deciding to write about F1, one of my fav sports which i love following. Its nothing but fast moving cars goin around circuitous track trying to be the 1st to cross the finish line. Involves lot of teamwrk.Like for instance in PIT STOP , where a racing vehicle stops in the pits during a race for refuelling, new tires, repairs, mechanical adjustments.Pit stop work is carried out by anywhere from five to twenty mechanics (also called a pit crew).

The season involves close to some 16 races n drivers n teams try to compete for the top position at the end of the season.The season starts somewher in 2nd week of Mar n goes till Dec.

This 2010 is goin to be more exicitin compared to all this yrs . Things to watch out for this season :-

  • Micheal Schumacher - a 7 time world champion(2 times in Renault n 5 times in Ferrari) makes his return after three long yrs.. But this time he won’t be donning red but instead is going to drive for Mercedes. Still he is the best , So it would fun watching him.

  • Fernando Alonso joins Red . will be driving Ferrari for the 1st time alongside Felipe Massa.
  • Not to forget the all time fav Lewis Hamilton in Mclaren. The youngest player to win F1,will try to regain his best this yr.
  • Jenson Button in Brawn . Last yr around they dominated the whole season . Nt to forget Vettel who gave equally tough challenge to him.
  • The new point system . That’s going to change lot of things this time around .Few wins will bring a massive gap between the front runners n tail enders .

So woof it would be a season to watch out for , with all great drivers fightin for the Chequered would be Schumi v/s Hamilton v/s Alonso V/s Massa V/s Button...Nt to forget Kimi Raikonnen would be missed who has decided to take a guys get set for a roller coaster F1 season.....

Monday, February 8, 2010

This is inspired by my very good sis-(abstemious brilliant catchy darling elegant funny gorgeous hilarious impulsive jubilant kind lovely multifaceted nice ogle-able)preeti whose blog i hav been following for a yr nw ...n finally decided to start writing ....n needless to say special thanks to ma parents n bro and ________ (This 4 d one who joins me later , she shldn feel left out)....let me try flying this thing n lets see how far this things stays on AIR n 4 ppl who knw me ,, ya would try to keep ma blogs short n less complicated....yes(short n simple, thats hw life is ----sometimes SHOT n sometimes SHORT ....)

thats all folks ...
signin off 4 nw ..